You are the Gift

With the holiday season in full force, many people are running around trying to find that “perfect” gift, last minute gift or an item on their children’s wish list.  For many years, my children and I have not exchanged gifts, but rather we donate what we would have spent on purchases to charities such as Operation Smile and Giving Tree projects.  We enjoy the time together playing games, cooking, watching movies and simply sharing the time.  Like most, I usually give to my service providers; i.e. the mailman, UPS/Fedex drivers and hairdresser.  When I arrived at my hair appointment, I realized I had inadvertently left my stylists gift at my home.  I shared with her, that I had forgotten her gift and I would bring it the next time I came, and she replied with the words “YOU are the Gift.”  Besides being an extremely thoughtful thing to hear, I also found the words very meaningful, especially at this time of year.  At school, a fellow staff member put a key in everyone’s mailbox with a note that read “YOU are the key to our students’ success.”  Again, a simple yet profound gift.  However, you choose to celebrate, and whomever you spend the time with, you are wished the happiest of times. 


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