VAAP Members share lockdown suggestions

Our facility, like everyone else, is on lock down  and we are only doing 1:1 visits. Can you give me some guidance on how I should construct April’s calendar? I work in a skilled nursing unit and have it all planned but, obviously, will not be able to implement it. I am concerned about meeting the requirements of providing a calendar, not knowing how long our restrictions will continue, and how to word things on my calendar. I am working on different ways to provide 1:1 program, and will certainly put on the April calendar that the activity schedule is subject to the status of the virus. Is it OK to put only “All Day One to One Visits” everyday on the calendar? Your advise would be most appreciated. Thank you, and be safe out there!

Cindy Bradshaw

my calendar will have all the fun April things on it. I will change it as needed. I would not write All day one on one visits for each day.

Show what your intentions are and maybe we will get to come together in April. Hoping this virus passes by quickly.

Maybe change up the social events and just put activities are subject to change. I wouldn’t mention the virus until you have to.

Good Luck,

Cindy Bradshaw

I work in memory support and i have my calendars done but now have to go back and change them due to the virus. I think making packets up for your residents, add soft music, let’s make a deal on tv, You can do a shopping cart room to room so they can pick out something, But my mangar says she doesn’t want just on to on on the calendar.

Cindy Bradshaw

I am not sure I would even do a calendar. I would put a notice up about no activities and the individualized activities would be held in rooms until the pandemic is over or until it is deemed safe for activities to continue. Maybe have a generic calendar ready to print in case they call an end to it. I think that is all they can do. Make sure 1 to 1s are being documented very well. That is my best advice and what I would do.

Cindy Bradshaw

We are using technology and are bringing a Morning Show to our Residents in their rooms. We are also doing exercise every morning virtually. In the afternoons we have Virtual Bingo at 2:30pm. Yesterday was day ! and it was a huge hit. We are also using our cells so Residents can call their loved one, facetime, etc…

I plan to do the April calendar just as though everything is fine and normal. If the 1st arrives and we are still on lockdown I will just do a flyer alerting everyone to our changes much like we did for March.

Staying positive with a brave front and keeping things as normal as possible is key. I am more afraid of social isolation with our elderly than the COVID-19. I at least feel like we have better control preventing the isolation.

My thoughts are that if we drastically change the calendar to only show visits, that will trigger a worry with our Seniors. I’m all for “Fake it till you make it!”

Hi Cindy Bradshaw,
Can you describe in a few steps how you did the Virtual Bingo? Did you use your tv channel at your facility or..? I saw the video about how to use “Zoom” and adapt your tv channel to use for that and other things, but they didn’t describe how they did the bingo. How do folks report they have won, etc etc (And we have lots of folks asking about bingo of course). Thanks and any guidance on that is much appreciated.

Cindy Bradshaw

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