As we know, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914, designating the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Day”, a day to honor mothers. It’s a celebration of motherhood, motherly bonds, and the overall influence of mother’s in society. While many of the original traditions have changed over the years, one fact remains that no matter what is going on throughout the year, this ONE day is set aside to share our appreciation of our mother’s. As I walked through the stores seeing all the “Remember your Mother’s” signs, I reflected on how grateful I was for the times I shared with my own mother. The good, the not so happy and everything in between. I was reflective on all the ways we shared our mother/daughter relationship throughout the years, and smiled knowing I didn’t need a designate date to ponder all we had. I also contemplated those that may have special relationships with women in their lives, that while they may not have been their biological parent, served in a significant roll. VAAP wishes each and everyone of the mom’s out there (including moms with fur babies), an AMAZING day. This day is designated to celebrate YOU!