Time Flies

The expression ‘Time flies’ originates in a Latin proverb (which means, literally ‘time flees’) derives from the poetic works of an ancient Roman author called Virgil. This idiom was first recorded about 1800 but Shakespeare used a similar phrase, “the swiftest hours, as they flew,” as did Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.” (Dictionary.com).  Typically when we stay busy with activities or work, spend time with friends and family or are on vacation/holiday the time seems to go by pretty quickly, yet when we are eager to be done with the day or wanting to get something “over with”, time seems to drag instead.  A person can experience BOTH in the same day.  The morning might fly by and the afternoon may slow down or vice versa.  In a recent conversation the person I was conversing with stated that “the years are flying by however the days are so long.”  This individual lost their spouse 10 years ago, but their day seems to have 48 hours in it rather than 24.  One thing is for certain, we cannot get back time, so we’d be wise to spend it accordingly. One of my favorite books, I came across a few years ago while having coffee at a Starbucks in Florida is entitled “The Traveler” by Daren Simkin.  While a very short story, its message is so immensely meaningful.  It discusses a boy named Charlie who is discontent at home, so he packs his suitcase full of “time” and sets off to find the “perfect” place in which to spend it.  He travels all over the world to several different places until he finds himself back at home, now an elderly man, regretting the fact that he didn’t spend his time wisely, but rather he lost it all along the way.  He was able to share this life lesson with others, which in turn has allowed me to share it with all of you.  Enjoy your time, even if its in small segments or short moments throughout each day.  You will be glad you did! 


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