The gift that keeps giving

At this time of year, we frequently see the “bell ringers” in front of the store fronts, or the charities asking for donations for their causes.  I often feel guilty if I don’t donate, yet I can’t give to each charity that asks as my personal funds do not afford that.  The question then becomes, “which charity should I donate to?”  The concept of giving and not taking can be foreign to some, while being most familiar to others.  People can “give” in so many ways that are not monetary.  One of the best gifts can be that of time.  The holidays can be a very lonely time for those that do not have any family, especially when they see others celebrating with their loved ones.  While I understand that we are all busy with our jobs and lives, and even more so at this time of year, perhaps we can make an effort to seek out one person to share some time with that otherwise wouldn’t have anyone.  I recently saw a commercial that shows neighbors giving each other “gifts” on their doorsteps, anonymously, that spreads moments of joy.  I tried that concept out at my job last week.  I dropped off a simple treat on the desk of a few other teachers.  It warmed my heart to see their reactions.  The smiles and excitement that followed was worth the effort.  The concept quickly spread, and by weeks end several of the teachers had shared gifts and treats with each other.  JOY can come from even the simplest of gestures, not just at the holidays but all year long. 


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