Silence is Golden

Think before you speak –

My devotion for today included “…he that refraineth his lips is wise” (Proverbs 10:19).  In the multitude of words spoken each day it can be best sometimes to let our words be few, or at the very least to think before we speak.  Whether the words are said TO the person or ABOUT the person, words cannot be withdrawn.  Once said, they have been heard, imprinted even on those that heard them or those they were said about.  An activity friend of mine used to sign off each email with “people might not remember what exactly you have said, yet they will remember how your words made them feel.”  That too is a powerful message.  With all the use of social media, or the lack of actual face to face or voice to voice communication, a lot can be lost in translation as well.  In a recent conversation with my father, he shared that now with the use of masks, that it has made it a challenge for him to (of course read their lips), but also to read their expressions.  Often when words are spoken, you can “read” a person by their smirk, smile etc.  So now more than ever its better to weigh our thoughts before we make them spoken words.  A friend gave me these words of wisdom, years ago, that I still practice today… when writing a message (email, text etc.) leave it for a night, reread it, then decide if it is still what you really wish to express. If yes, send it, and if not, edit as necessary. “Silence is Golden”(1831,Thomas Carlyle, poet)


love this so much truth for anyone who chooses to hear and receive it. I so would wear that mask as well that definitely made me smile. people definitely need to think before they speak and words once said can cut as much as a sharp edge but unlike a cut from a sharp edge cuts made with words may never heal. I heard an interesting question today “when did kindness become so unpopular?” something to think about.

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