September 2020 Voice

Inside this issue:

        *  Webinars from Linked Senior

        *  HRAPA Hosts Virtual Meeting       

        *  NVAAP Hosts Virtual Meeting

        *  ARAAP Annual Fall Retreat Cancelled

        *  Positive Vibes from #ActivitiesStrong

*  Resources

        *  National updates to COVID-19 and facilities

*  VAAP Membership Information for 2021

HRAPA News                                 

HRAPA is going to host a virtual meeting 9/14/2020, to connect our district, share what we are experiencing through this pandemic, share creative ideas etc. This meeting will be held over lunch, so please feel free to eat during the call!!

Hosting – Tina Guthrie, ADC/MC  – HRAPA President

Topic: Sensory Programs

NVAAP Hosts a Virtual Meeting


Tuesday, September 8, 2020 12pm – 1pm EST

Hosted by Natalie Kravitz (, Robin Cooper ( & Debbie O’Bryant (Deborah.o’

We’re meeting over lunch so please feel free to eat while you chat.


Appalachian Regional Association of Activity Professionals

Mini-Conference “Exploring Our World” scheduled for October 23-25, 2020 has been CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. the meetings will resume as soon as permitted

Contact Laurie Hawkins at for information

Linked Senior #ActivitiesStrong

Linked Senior started a new contest, August 10, 2020.  Each Monday they will be holding a contest to celebrate the facilities that are Covid free.  See their website for complete details at

We Believe

Growing old is the purest and most positive experience of human existence. A society’s worth is measured by how it treats its elders. Ageism currently isolates and marginalizes older adults, dulling our communities, dampening our reason for being and inhibiting our collective achievement and optimal growth. Let us unite against ageism and ignorance. Let us dissociate age from the stereotypes of weakness and irrelevance. Let us be enriched by the wisdom, grace and patience that elders offer. Let us respect that a person is a person no matter how old. Let us comfort those in need, support the vulnerable, be patient toward all. Let us celebrate intergenerational, interdependent values. Let us embrace and respect aging adults as a valued part of our culture. In doing so, we will become better, we will become ourselves, we will become immortal. May the Age be with you.


Virtual Connections (

This website has numerous resources to include;

  • Games (Crossword puzzles, Riddles, Bible word games, Phone games, Solitaire)
  • DIY Crafts, Online coloring, Drawing, Writing
  • Performing Arts, Music
  • Travel Programs
  • Spiritual Programs
  • Educational Resources

Activity Connection

Activity Connection is a cost effective online resource providing more than 35 categories of ready-to-go activities that are updated monthly. We reduce the planning and preparation time so activity professionals can focus on presenting the activities.‌
Concurrent Session Sponsor for Pioneer Network


Pioneer Network Virtual Conference – September 1 – 3, 2020

Envisioning the Future: 2020 and Beyond won’t be your typical, sit in front of the computer and watch a screen type of event. Instead, you’ll be part of the action. Each day will start with an opportunity for attendees to gather together to kick off the day. Mid-day, we will again come together for the daily keynote session. In between, there will be concurrent sessions addressing the hottest topics of the day, And at the end of each day, there will be an opportunity to gather around virtual tables with fellow pioneers, sharing information and envisioning the future together.

Our interactive exhibit hall will be the place to go to learn about products and services for your communities and organizations, and to meet people who are providing innovative solutions to help you meet the challenges of the day.

There will be some surprises and special events that will pop-up over the three days, not to mention opportunities to engage with fellow attendees before and even after the live event.

We invite you to join the Pioneer Network team and your friends next door — or around the globe — as we take this virtual journey together to Envision the Future: 2020 and Beyond.  SEE their website for complete details.

LEADING AGE VIRGINIA  (Educate & Engage)

2020 Activity Professionals Lunch & Learn Webinar Series
September 24, October 1, October 8, October 15 ~ 12pm to 1:15pm
Each of the 4 sessions will include a presentation and round table discussion
***More information and registration coming soon

2020 Mid Atlantic Virtual Marketing & Communications Symposium

October 15, October 22, October 29, and November 5 ~ 11am to 12:15pm
Each of the 4 sessions will include a presentation and round table discussion
***More information and registration coming soon

CMS Guidance to Nursing Homes “Re-Opening” to Visitors


As the surrounding community enters phase I of Opening Up America Again, CMS states that group activities remain restricted, but nursing homes may allow some activities with social distancing, hand hygiene, and the use of cloth face coverings. Activities are restricted to those residents who are COVID-negative or asymptomatic.

Group activities and outings may resume in phase 2 for COVID-negative or asymptomatic residents. Residents must practice source control measures including social distancing, hand hygiene, and cloth face coverings, and groups are limited to no more than 10 individuals. These recommendations remain in place for phase 3, with the exception that group size for activities and outings is now limited only by the number of individuals with which social distancing can safely be maintained.


Perhaps most highly anticipated is the reintegration of visitation. Visitation remains restricted to compassionate care situations only until the nursing home enters phase 3 of reopening. In phase 3, the nursing home may permit visitation with added precautions. All visitors must be screened and visitors with a temperature or other signs or symptoms of illness will not be permitted entry. Visitors who are permitted entry must practice social distancing and hand hygiene and are required to wear a cloth face covering for the duration of the visit.


Many of you that were members in 2018-2019 have not yet renewed your VAAP Membership.  Remember that the VAAP Membership year now runs January 1 – December 31st of each calendar year.  Be sure to complete the renewal form (see link below) for your 2021 VAAP Membership renewal and send it to the VAAP Treasurer to keep your membership in good standing! .

VAAP Appreciates YOU

This bears repeating…You are creative, resilient, strong, vivacious, stupendous, extraordinary, exceptional, remarkable, astounding and overall AMAZING! VAAP thanks you for all you do for your residents.  The ingenious manner in which you are adapting your programs is second to none. Keep sharing your successes and your creative thoughts and programs with VAAP as we are all in this together and will keep each other #ActivitiesStrong!