Positive Energy

There has been an abundance of positive vibes being expressed through photos of what activity personnel are doing for their residents during this unprecedented time that the profession is experiencing on an entirely different level from other fields.  While there have been so many positive statements being published on social media, I have also run across some that are struggling with how to program in their facilities with the same number of staff, yet the challenge of increased responsibilities and some say, “with little to no support”.  Questions like “How are you getting the supplies to make the specialty carts”? Or “How are you able to be so creative as they express “receiving no help from other departments” and so forth.  I recently finished reading “The Energy Bus” written by Jon Gordon.  What an inspiring book!  In it he writes “Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity”.  Such powerful words.  You can do it!  There will always be a surplus of negative people around to tell you that you can’t, the “doubters” if you will, yet you CAN accomplish what you set your mind to, even if it isn’t when or how others think you should.  You are in activities for a reason.  Your caring spirit and desire to care for and about others has led you to this profession.  Surround yourself by those that are positive, that are supportive.  Keep reaching out for advice, for suggestions, for solutions.  You are strong and together we are stronger! 


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