Often the smallest things make the biggest difference

I recently saw a sign hanging in a diner in Birmingham, MI that read “If you are GROUCHY, IRRITABLE, or just PLAIN MEAN; there will be a $10.00 charge for putting up with you.”  It made me laugh right out loud.  As with most things, I analyzed this statement afterward and thought it was such a GREAT mindset, even though it was said in jest.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all place something similar on our office walls?  Something that says, “Hey we all have bad days, suck it up butter cup?” Or, “Take your silly problems down the hall” and so forth.  I was consulting in a facility one time, when they were trying to resolve “conflict” among the employees.  The issue was between the maintenance guy and the nursing staff.  When asked, the maintenance man stated, “I really do not mind doing anything for anyone, it’s simply the attitude that goes with the request”.  He went on to discuss that most days the nursing staff didn’t even say hello before they would begin “barking orders” at him.  John do this, John do that, John why didn’t you do the thing we asked you to do yet? Etc.  All this gentleman wanted was a simple greeting, and a pleasant disposition from others at the beginning of each day.  Seems like a simple resolution, wouldn’t you agree?


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