I’ve Already Decided

I saw on Facebook today, the statement “I have already decided that 2020 is going to be ridiculously amazing!” I LOVED this statement. It made me smile and also gave me the inspiration for this blog. Thanks Natalie, you continue to be an inspiration! What a GREAT proclamation. Traditionally many people resolve to start something new, turn over a new leaf, or complete a task they have been putting off for some time, effective January 1st, of each New Year. The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. They made promises to the gods to pay their debts and return any objects they had borrowed. These promises could be considered the forerunners of our New Year’s resolutions (History.com). Personally I make daily goals for myself, and bigger goals to aim for throughout each year, rather than to wait for one set date as a reason to “start”. Why “put off” focusing on that “thing” that you wish to begin or accomplish? On a recent airline trip, I had the privilege of setting next to this amazing woman who lost her husband of 40 years a couple months back who spent the entire flight sharing all the things that she wished she “would have done” while he was still alive. The trips, the adventures, the special times that they were hoping to share “some day”, that now will never have the chance to come to fruition. She told me “she wished that she could have the attention of the people in this country, and every country for that matter, to tell them to live their lives now, and not put things off as today is a for sure thing and tomorrow is not.” Someone once said the following to me that I’d like to share with you… “May your worst day in 2020 be no less than your BEST day in 2019”


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