International Friendship Day

International Day of Friendship is an International holiday which has been celebrated annually on July 30th since 2011. The General Assembly of the United Nations declared 30th of July as “official” International Friendship Day on 27th April 2018. It was created in the hopes that the fostering of friendship between different peoples, cultures, and countries will inspire peace throughout the world.  Several countries including the United States have celebrated a day of friendship, as early as 1958.  I really appreciate the intent of declaring an “international” day of friendship, to inspire peace and acceptance within the world.  I recently was asked “Why I rushed to help someone that was involved in a car accident, when I didn’t even know them?”  The question caught me by surprise, as whether I knew the person or not, they needed assistance, help which I was able to give them.  Many of us feel quite the same, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexuality, gender etc.  While we may have numerous differences, we certainly have one thing in common…we are ALL humans!  I’m thankful to live in a country that celebrates individuality, friendship and fosters INTERNATIONAL rapport!  Happy INTERNATIONAL friendship day. (


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