So much of what we read, hear, watch or see of late is negative in light of the pandemic, which is more than understandable yet the message of hope, positivity and love is the one being conveyed daily to the residents of the facilities all throughout the country through our fearless, dedicated Activity Professionals.  Messages of “Thank those on the front line”, those that expose themselves each and everyday to those that are systematic or vulnerable to the virus. Activity Professionals ARE these individuals.  Often it seems to take something significant like this to be the catalyst for banding together and sharing those messages, pictures, thoughts, words of encouragement and praise.  Linked Senior and many other organizations have started FaceBook threads (#ACTIVITIESSTRONG) sharing some of what activity staff are doing in light of the recent influx of in room activities.  I am inspired by the creativity that is flowing through the buildings.  Staff are doing everything from line dancing, singing, playing musical instruments even dressing up as different cartoon characters, all to bring moments of joy to their clients. Much gratitude and appreciation for all you are doing.  You truly are Superheroes.

James River Convalescent & Rehab Center

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