Our Pledge to the Allegiance includes “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible.,,,”  What does that word indivisible mean? indivisible. Something indivisible cannot be broken up or divided: it’s rock solid. The most common use of the word indivisible is in the Pledge of Allegiance, where it is used to show how our country is united and can’t be broken up. But you can use this word for any group or organization that seems indestructible.” (Merriam-Webster).  That is powerful language that our founding fathers utilized in that Pledge, which many organizations, schools and churches still recite daily.  Let’s think about that in terms of associations such as our local activity districts, and VAAP our state activity association.  At the district level, educational opportunities are provided, often a meal and best of all support from our peers that can understand the budget cuts, low staffing ratios, challenging clients and other such commonalities.  The state level is much the same, yet provides additional opportunities for resources from others around the entire state and not just in our local areas, as well as additional educational opportunities i.e. webinars, newsletters and direct access to activity professionals that can assist with questions and information.  So, IF we know that there is “power in numbers” as my Mom used to say to me, then this can also be applied to our activity associations.  TOGETHER we are stronger that we are as individuals.  We should NOT forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb. 10:25), as it gives us strength, INDIVISIBLE!  Invest in your association, invest in your profession, invest in YOU!


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