I spy with my little eye…

The other day I was taking attendance and I called out “Luke”.  I called a second time, as I was looking around the room for him.  Suddenly, I hear laughter in front of the room, as Luke was setting literally right in front of me and I hadn’t seen him.  Why does that happen do you suppose?  That quite often we do not see what is RIGHT IN FRONT of our eyes?  It is as if our brains are searching for the item, person, place or thing, yet our perspective has limited us to a certain space.  Kind of the needle in a haystack concept… “ impossible search for something relatively tiny, lost or hidden in something that is relatively enormous – the first use of this expression, and its likely origin, is by the writer Miguel de Cervantes, in his story Don Quixote de la Mancha written from 1605-1615 (quora.com).  You know when you search for that lost earring back, and someone else walks right up and finds it immediately?  It’s all about perspective.  We were reading out of a math book the other day, and this student said “wow, Ms. B.  do you see the heart?”  I looked and looked but only saw the colorful cover of the book.  Then he pointed it out to me and said “gee it was right there!”.  He was indeed correct.  As we continued to look, each of the characters on the cover had a “hidden” heart on them.  This simply reminded me that no matter what we are looking for; an answer, love perhaps, an item or whatever, that often it can be right in front of us, and we just didn’t see it. 


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