How can we help?

The VAAP is beginning a new chapter in their association. Change is sometimes hard, yet a new leaf can be just the breathe of fresh air needed to move forward in meeting the needs of those within the profession.

For 40 years the VAAP has been in existence, offering different types of educational opportunities, member discounts, professional support and much more. With the evolution of technology coupled with the increasing limits within facility budgets, its imperative that the VAAP reach out to their members and potential members to see “HOW WE CAN HELP”.

The VAAP Board is a VOLUNTEER group of elected individuals that work full-time jobs in the profession as well as serve in the capacity of association officers. At their spring 2019 board of directors meeting they voted to contract out the responsibility of retaining and recruiting membership/interest within the association. Having a dedicated individual to serve in this capacity can only help enhance the association values and mission to provide their members with promoting the quality of life in all geriatric settings. VAAP serves as a catalyst for both professional and personal growth and provides a state voice on aging and long-term care issues.

So, we ask you…How can we help?