Father or a Daddy?

Having just celebrated Father’s Day this past weekend, I wanted to share a few things that I had come across through signs and postings.  The first read “Anyone can be a father; it takes a lot more to be a Daddy.”  Then it continued by listing several things involved Dads could participate in including; riding a bike, flying a kite, praying and other such activities to do with your children.  Another item I read, said “Hug your Dad today, as mine is gone, so appreciate them while you still have them.”  Lastly, I ran into a girl who was trying to choose a “proper” card for her mom, who served as both her mother and her father when she was growing up.  We discussed how we all have biological families, yet as adults we can choose our own circle of family/friends.  We often serve in the role of surrogate family members for our residents.  Maybe their loved one’s have passed on, or do not live in the area, and we at times become “family” to our clients.  Do you realize just how special that makes each one of you?  Knowing that you have the unique privilege to be a blessing to others, not ONLY on a designated holiday but on a day to day basis!


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