Everything Happens for a Reason…?

“To say that things happen for a reason is completely accurate, with the exception that the reason may not be beneficial to us, or originally had anything to do with us. It is not the events of our life that shape us or our life; it is our reaction to those events that shapes us and our life.” Others may believe that that statement, simply makes us feel better for things that occur, simply because they do. i.e. natural disasters.

I frequently ask myself after something occurs “If everything happens for a reason, then what was the reason?”  From some little simple thing, like tripping up a step and ripping your slacks, heading to work which now makes you late, to bigger things like the dryer breaking when you just did the biggest load of laundry, to even the more severe as in a loss, or this recent pandemic.  Of course, being analytical in nature, I explore the numerous possibilities of that question.  (www.Psychologytoday.com)

I for example do not complain about traffic, as I feel its something that can’t be controlled by me getting upset over it.  When I was a nurses aide, I was late for work several times and I explained to my boss, that it “wasn’t my fault, that I kept getting stuck by the train”, to which she stated “then leave earlier.”  A friend of mine, having just received a well-deserved new car a few months back, was involved in a head on collision two weeks ago…the reason?  Again, not beneficial to her, yet we may never know “the reason.”

You as professionals are not letting this pandemic shape your activities programs, but rather you are embracing the challenge, head on, and succeeding in bringing new and innovative ideas into your facilities.  YOU are a great “REASON” to celebrate!

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