Do you see what I see?

I recently saw this picture posted on social media and found it remarkably interesting.  Sure, I have seen several of these types of photos over the years, yet I have only responded to the question “what do I see?”  This time, what caught my eye, was all the different responses that other individuals had posted.  Some saw the bird, others saw the goat, and still others claim to have seen both.  Many questioned whether they saw BOTH, and if they were just claiming to have viewed it as such.  One person even asked, “well which is right?”  It reminded me of a popular motivational story “The Two Shoe Salesman” regarding two individuals from competing shoe manufacturing companies years ago that sent their sales representatives to a third world country to see if there was a demand/opportunity to market shoes.  One representative came back and stated “there is not a market, the natives don’t wear shoes”.  The second representative excitedly shared with his supervisor, “yes there is a market, as the natives do not wear shoes!”  With the unprecedented events occurring throughout our industry, its remarkable to see the different approaches that activity professionals are taking regarding tasks at hand.  The different perspectives being shared.  So much creativity has been expressed that may not have come out had the situation not merited it, yet through all this, the profession continues to grow and prosper as a result of your positive perspective, your drive and your commitment to continued moments of joy for your staff and your residents.


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